Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CXLI

But the inheritance? the recovery of that debt?  Have no fear.  Mary herself will attend to that inheritance.  It belongs to your Heavenly Father, it is God’s right, to reign over souls.  Then you, the souls of Mary, must work with Mary to win souls, each in your sphere of action, until God shall choose His own.

Men and women in the world, boys and girls, students, children, levites of the sanctuary, parish priests, missionaries, contemplative nuns, nursing and teaching Orders, all slaves of love of Jesus in Mary, we have our own special task in the Field of the Church.  Each of us must co-operate according to our powers and in the order of obedience in the Work of God, in extending the kingdom of God in the world.  But remember our device: ‘Ut adveniat regnum Iesu, adveniat regnum Mariae.’  It is then through Mary that this work of evangelization must be done, this individual apostolic mission, our daily personal task.  ‘For Jesus with Mary.’

And when that shall be done, our vocation accomplished, our mission ended, then will Mary say to us: ‘It is time for me to go to Him Who sent me.’  But let us not lose heart, she will not go alone to the Father’s house.  The Archangel Raphael left his charges happy and grateful.  But Mary, our journey over, our harvest ripe, will take us once more by the hand and will say to us: ‘Proficiscere, come, Christian soul, let us go together to the house of the Lord, to behold the sweet face of Jesus on this festal day.’

And we go with Mary.  And that dark way which we call death, becomes, in the light of Mary, a shining entrance.

And the chains of our slavery in her become the bonds of a union with God that cannot be broken.

And the joys of our slavery of love for Mary come to their full fruition and consummation, in the bliss of the eternal liberty of the children of God.

(To be continued.)


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