Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CXLIV

At this stage Blessed de Montfort multiplies his illustrations and comparisons.

She will be the Oratory wherein the soul will pray to God without fear of being repulsed’ Have you prayed sometimes in a quiet chapel at dusk? the last rays of daylight come softened through the storied windows; it is twilight and silence; you are alone.  A perfume of incense and adoration clings about the walls.  A calm sweetness envelops you and thrills you.  On your knees before the white statue, which is throned on Our Lady’s altar, you look at her, your Mother.  She looks at you, understands, smiles.  You are her child, hers, you are in her.  What do you do?  Do you pray?  Doubtless.  Your whole heart, soul and being, your whole attitude, even your silence and your peace, all tell its story.  You are in Mary.  More and better than the vessel which contains you, she is your Oratory, in which you feel at home with her, in complete trust and security.  There at her feet, on her heart, beneath her cloak, in her, you do not fear your foes.  She keeps you, you know that she keeps you and possesses you as a mother does her child.  You know that she is there for your sake.  You are sure that she will always hear you, in your prayers for your own needs and those of your brothers, the living and the dead, the just and the unjust.  You may pour out before her the flood of your supplications and sorrows and sufferings; she will understand, will soothe and comfort.  You know that she is near, for your soul and those of your brothers, and that she will always bring you safely to the divine Host, her adorable Son, Who, dwelling in His tabernacle of love and grace, awaits you.  And when you come away you are better, more resolute, stronger, more interior.

For a slave of Jesus in Mary, this temporary condition of the soul should be that of all its life.

(To be continued.)


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