Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CXLV

Mary is ‘the tower of David in which we can take refuge from all our enemies.’  What is it that disturbs the peace and recollection of the interior life?  Mainly foes from within, domestici eius – distractions, proud impulses, the seekings of self-love, lack of purity of intention, carelessness, imperfections, lukewarmness, venial sin.  There are too, sorrow, remorse, anxiety and the scruples due to our remissness and imprudence.  There are the ambushes and temptations of the devil, so many traps for our inexperienced, careless or imprudent feet.  There are too, those glances cast outside our spiritual dwelling, reversions to what has been put behind us, those persistent regrets, those longings for petty satisfactions, the weariness of ever imposing sacrifices upon oneself, and of living in dependence and poverty.  Their name is Legion, the legion of the foe.

Let us withdraw into our tower of safety.  Mary will calm our senses, will show us everything from a more correct angle.  She will make us understand if our will is good, in her we have nothing to fear from the malice and the cunning of all our enemies from within and without.

When once the soul is firmly established in Mary, everything is calm and reassured.  There will still be struggles.  There must be, that more merit may be gained and that faithful love and careful vigilance may be stimulated for,

‘la vie est un combat dont la palme est aux cieux.’

But in Mary we are certain to triumph gloriously.  Montfort sings as follows:

‘Elle est ma ville de refuge

Où je ne suis point outragé;

C’est mon arche dans le déluge

Où je ne suis point submergé.’

No, neither insulted nor overcome by the hostile flood, for ‘those whom Mary has in her keeping are well kept.’

(To be continued.)


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