Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CXLVI

Mary is ‘the burning Lamp to light us on our way and set us on fire with Divine Love.’

The burning lamp is fire.  And fire is light and heat.  When we are in Mary, she lights us and warns us.

Of nothing are we more afraid than the dark, because by origin we are children of light.  Evil loves half-lights, sin hides in the dark.  Robbers and evil-doers work at night.

The just soul, on the contrary, desires the full light of broad day, which expands the plant, opens the flower, ripens the fruit and is always favorable to the abundant harvest.

But in the divine Oratory into which we have entered, we find a lighted Lamp.  This lamp is Mary.

She it is who in this beautiful setting lights us and warms us.

What is it that casts shadows for us?  Our hidden faults, our secret urgings of self-love, our petty remissness, the imperfection of our routine, our base treachery.  Mary unhesitatingly casts her beneficent light upon us, to expose all the invisible flecks of dust and the tiny creeping things which are hidden in the dark corners of our souls.  She helps us to sweep up and to drive out these unwholesome guests.  Let us allow her to purify us and free us from even the appearance of evil.  Unfaithfulness in little things is very harmful to the soul who aims at perfection and the loving union, the complete identifying of its will with God’s.  Let Mary free us from all this base dross and the least blemishes which darken our interior.  ‘Light, light!’ said a saint as she was dying.  Mary will give us perfect light.

What makes us cold?  Unfaithfulness to grace, remissness, lukewarmness, sin.  Our zeal, our love grow languid and our heart grows cold.  Mary is near; let us cast ourselves upon her.  Let us ask her for fervor and let us warm ourselves at the flame of her love for God.

(To be continued.)


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