Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CXLIX

Furthermore, this devotion to the Blessed Virgin is a means of intercession with Jesus.

Upon the words of Blessed de Montfort quoted above, Père Lhoumeau makes the following commentary: ‘This does not mean that we cannot speak directly to Our Lord in contemplation, prayer and so on, nor that it is necessary to think actually and definitely of the Blessed Virgin at the beginning of each action.  Though Blessed de Montfort has said that clearly that an act of offering or consecration, even if renewed each month, each week (and we might say even each day), if it is but a passing act, does not establish us in the spirit of this devotion, which is that it be habitual.  He also observes that this turning towards Mary need only be “a general and imperceptible glance,” and it is clear that a virtual intention is sufficient.’

Blessed de Montfort has told us that Jesus is our Mediator of Redemption and that Mary is our Mediatrix of Intercession.  The two offices, the two positions are quite clearly defined.  Our Lord, by His whole life, His sufferings and His death, has merited for us all graces.  Mary by her intercession and her influence obtains for us all these graces, applies to us all these merits, while adding them to her own.

Thus the Montfortian doctrine is no other than the traditional Catholic doctrine of the Redemption and the attributing of the merits and graces of Jesus Christ through Mary.

(To be continued.)


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