Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CL

But God, knowing our needs and wishing that we should make them know to Him, has determined official means for the obtaining of the graces which shall meet them.

By Holy Baptism, He makes us a free gift of the first grace which purifies our souls and makes them just and pleasing in His sight, so that they become His dwelling place.

But there are a number of other graces which will be precious, useful, necessary, in the normal course of our spiritual life.  God has promised us and always grants us grace sufficient for our salvation, but we must ask Him for it; we must ask Him especially for those graces which are indispensable for our growth in perfection and our union with the supreme Holiness.  And the usual means is prayer.

How much more effectual will our supplications be, if we make them through Mary.  And besides, even if we do not actually pray through Mary, it is none the less true that the graces which are distributed to us, have, all the same, passes through this divine and necessary channel.  Supported by the honor and the intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin, they are almost infallibly certain to be heard.  It is the teaching of S. Bernard and Blessed de Montfort.  Has not Montfort sung in the quaint phrase of the seventeenth century:

‘Je vas par Jésus à son Père,

                        Et je n’en suis point rebuté;

Je vas à Jésus par sa Mère,

                        Et je n’en suis point rejeté.’

Those are the two steps to be climbed: Jesus Who leads to the Father, by redemption; Mary who leads to Jesus, by intercession.  Begin with Mary as Jesus Himself did; then you will go first to Jesus; and thence, Jesus will take you to His divine Father.

(To be continued.)


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