Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CLII

This is not all.  Our Lord founded a Church.  And in this Church, that it may reach and bring about the purposes of each of its members, He instituted seven sacraments, the ordinary and official channels of grace, that is, of sacramental grace, the precious and fruitful source of many other special graces.

The sacraments are the instrumental and physical cause of grace.  Does the Ever Blessed Virgin act in them for the awarding of grace?  It would seem so, for when the saints tell us that all graces come through Mary, they make no exception.  And the Church by establishing a special Feast with the title of ‘B.M.V. Omnium Gratiarum Mediatricis,’ seems to have thoroughly authorized the lawfulness of this teaching.

Now grace is in all the sacraments which are its cause.  This grace, then, passes through Mary; that is only law.

(To be continued.)


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