Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CLIV

(dTo act for Mary.

Lastly we must do everything for Mary.’  This is a point of the Montfortian teaching which must be well explained and well understood, if we would avoid errors of interpretation, misleading of conscience, and the deflection of our acts.  Blessed de Montfort defines it forthwith and clearly, ‘as we are the slaves of this august Princess, we must work no more but for her, for her profit and for her glory as our immediate end, and for the glory of God as our last end.’

A necessary scale of values, essential and definite.  This indispensable distinction is part of the infinite difference between the Creator and the creature, between God and Mary.  On the first page of his Treatise of the True Devotion, Blessed de Montfort clearly lays down this principle in order to avoid any misunderstanding.  We will quote it.

‘I avow with all the Church, that Mary, being but a mere creature that has come from the hands of the Most High, in, in comparison with His infinite Majesty, less than an atom, or rather, she is nothing at all, because He only is.  “He Who is,” and thus by consequence that great Lord, always independent and sufficient to Himself, never had, and has not now, any absolute need of the Holy Virgin for the accomplishment of His will and for the manifestation of His glory.  He has but to will in order to do everything.’

We with Montfort do not write these words to depreciate Mary; far from it.  But it is rather to show to what almost infinite height God raised her in the plan of Redemption and in her office of Mediatrix.

God alone is the necessary being and must alone be the only supreme and final end of every creature without exception.  And He Himself, God as He is, cannot escape this necessity.  He is obliged, having created us, to possess us and to draw us to Himself.

God then attracts everything to Himself by the essential power of attraction which is part of His Being, and nothing can escape this centre of gravity.

Jesus, inasmuch as He, like His Father, is God, partakes of this irresistible attraction.  He is, equally with the Father and the Spirit, our only supreme and final end.

Once this indispensable principle of the primacy of God and of His Christ has been laid down, we know where we are with regard to the Montfortian teaching and our duties toward Mary.

God is the final end of our actions; Mary must be considered and used as the mediate end, as an intermediary and as a means.

(To be continued.)


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