Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CLVI

But Mary, what are her rights, her rank, her purpose?  S. Bernard says: ‘After Christ, everything was made for her,’ and Blessed Albert the Great: ‘Jesus died for the glory of God and of Mary.’

Following the example of God and of Jesus, it is, then, neither bold nor out of place to take Mary as the end of our actions.

But clearly she is only a secondary end, an intermediate means for attaining the supreme and final end.

In God the cause and the end are one, for He is our all.  In Mary, in proportion, it is the same thing.

She is the efficient and secondary cause for the production of grace in us.  She is the exemplary cause which makes of us copies of Jesus.  He is our Model; we must approach Him, and in order to do this, look at Mary, go to her, act for her,

She is the Mold of God, ‘forma Dei.’  She must be that for us too, but in a moral sense.  And therefore, we must remain in her power, beneath her moral influence.

Since we belong to Mary by an official deed of gift, Mary will put upon us the seal and stamp of her ownership; ‘ut signaculum super cor meum,’ to love her: ‘ut signaculum super brachium meum,’ to work for her glory.

She is our final cause.  ‘Behold thou shalt do after the law which was given thee in the Mount.’

The slave then must imitate his Mistress in order to be as far as possible another such, in order to resemble yet more Jesus, the eternal archetype.

(To be continued.)


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