Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CLVII

But further, and this is the gist of the matter, we must act for Mary, and this is a completely logical consequence of our deed of gift.

Of our free will we consecrated ourselves to her, as slaves of love, with everything that we are and have.  We no longer belong to ourselves then.  And the necessary conclusion is not only that we belong to her but that we do everything for her.

The slave as a result of his master’s complete ownership works for him.  His body, his soul, his strength, his intelligence, his talents, his industry, his work, are all so much output for his master.  He is a deposit which brings in interest, but all in his master’s name.

Thus, if we truly understand this teaching, it must be, with regard to Mary.

That soul,’ says Blessed de Montfort, ‘in everything it does, must renounce self-love, which nearly always imperceptibly insinuates itself as our motive, and often say from the bottom of the heart: O my dear Mistress, it is for thee that I go here or there, that I do this or that, that I suffer this or that wrong!

(To be continued.)


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