Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CLIX

I have said that in this devotion God loses none of His glory.  The more we give to Mary, the more she gives to God.  She is the infallible and faithful connecting link.

The interests of souls and our own suffer no privation either.  It is the opposite that happens.  We only gain by it.  This question has already been discussed in speaking of the good offices of the Blessed Virgin and of the great benefits which this devotion secures to the just, to sinners, and to the souls in Purgatory.

I would only stress that Mary does not take to herself as final end the honours which we show her, but makes a double use of them, by giving them to God as the homage of glory and to us in showers of grace.  So that the order is actually this: all for Mary by the cultus of hyperdulia; all for God alone through Mary, by the cultus of latria.  Mary, Jesus, God alone!

(To be continued.)


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