Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CLXIII

4. Fruits of this Devotion.

Addressing himself to the Chosen Soul he has in view, Blessed de Montfort: ‘Experience will teach you the effects of this devotion far better than any words of mine can do, and if you are faithful to the practice of the little I have taught you, you will reap such a plenitude of riches and of graces, that the effects will astonish you and will cause your soul to overflow with joy.’

We feel that the soul of Blessed de Montfort quivers with joy, and that if he is so convinced, it is that he speaks from his own experience.  And I appeal myself to those souls who practice this teaching, so rich and so sweet.  They will not gainsay me, if I assert that they have found in the Holy Slavery riches and graces which have caused them happy surprise, that their souls have been filled with joy, that they have tasted a sweetness, a consolation, delights, in the service of Mary which they had not felt before in their spiritual life.

The holy writer then enumerates and develops in a few lines the fruits of this devotion.  There are four.

(To be continued.)


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