Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CLXVII

(4) ‘So that Mary, by the side of Jesus, becomes all to this soul,she who formed it, its mediatrix, its supplement, its Hope, its Mother, its instructress.

She enlightens its mind by her pure faith, deepens its heart by her humility, dilates it and sets it aglow by her charity, purifies it by her purity, ennobles it and enlarges it be her motherly care.

But where shall I stop?  Only experience can teach these marvels of Mary, marvels beyond belief of the wise and the proud and even beyond that of the ordinary lot devout men and women.’

Blessed Louis had had this experience, and that is why he is at such pains to describe clearly and devoutly the marvelous fruits of life and sanctity produced by the indwelling and the work of Mary in a faithful and obedient soul.

(To be continued.)



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