St. Lawrence of Brindisi

Today is the Feast of the great servant of Mary, St. Lawrence of Brindisi.  He was a trult extraordinary man, even among the Saints.  Here are some passages from his life:

“Hebrew he knew so perfectly, and spoke with such a correct pronunciation, that the Jews at first believed he was born of Jewish parents, and the most learned of the Rabbis admitted that he knew and spoke it better than themselves.  For this wonderful mastery of what is generally regarded as a difficult language he himself confessed his indebtedness to the Mother of God.  Preaching on her prerogatives in the Church of the Holy Ghost at Naples, he says: “I know a man still living and speaking, who received the gift of Hebrew from the Blessed Virgin.  Wishing to acquire a perfect knowledge of the Scriptures, and particularly of the Virgin’s greatness, he besought the Virgin herself to instruct him in the Hebrew tongue.  Then, having fallen into a light sleep, he found himself, on awakening, a perfect master of it, so much so that the Jews inferred from his pronunciation that he belonged to their own nation.” 

“This memory he employed to splendid advantage, not merely in learning languages, but in getting off by heart the whole of the Bible from beginning to end, so that he could quote with ease and without hesitation any text, giving book, chapter, and verse, just as if he held the Bible before him, and were reading it.”

“To him nothing seemed too much to expect from the power and the goodness of God.”

His confessor: “Between six and seven years I heard his confession at least twice a week, and I can say with truth that I never found matter of even one willful venial sin.”

“…convinced that whatever he had and did belonged to God, he neither acted, nor spoke, nor thought, as if anything belonged to himself.  So far from showing off, or boasting of his achievements, he endeavored to hide them, except in case of necessity or utility.  Extraordinary heavenly favors he concealed even from his intimate companions…To exercise himself in humility he delighted in performing menial work, such as washing the dishes, even when he was General.”


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