Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CLXVIII

Then Blessed Grignion describes the meaning of Holy Slavery to the end of time.  The reign of Jesus will come through Mary.

As by Mary God came into the world the first time in humiliation and abasement, may we not also say that it will be by Mary He will do so in the second time when He will come, as all the Church is in expectation, to reign over the whole world and to judge the living and the dead?

How and when this shall be, who can tell?  But I know well that God, Whose thoughts are farther above us than Heaven is above earth, will come in the time and in the way least expected by men, even by those who are most learned and most versed as regards the Sacred Scripture, which is very obscure on this point.

We may further believe that towards the end of time, and perhaps sooner than we think, God will raise up great men filled with the Holy Ghost and with the spirit of Mary, and that through these, this heavenly Queen will work wonders in the world in order to destroy sin therein and establish the kingdom of Jesus Christ her Son over the kingdom of a corrupt world, and these holy men will attain their end by means of this devotion to the Blessed Virgin, of which through my frailty I have only feebly traced the outlines.

Not so, Blessed Father.  You have explained it wonderfully, and you are yourself, by your words, your writings and your apostleship, an amazing worker for the destruction of sin and for the establishment of the reign of Jesus through Mary in souls.

Might we not say that the days, foretold by the holy writer, are beginning to dawn upon the world?  There is today a magnificent blossoming forth of life in Mary.  Holy Slavery is winning ever more souls, eager for Mary’s spirituality, for it is being ever better understood that Mary is the only true means of getting back to God, of sanctifying ourselves, and of performing acts of lasting merit.  ‘Ut adveniat regnum Iesu adveniat regnum Mariae.’

(To be continued.)


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