St. Benedict

Happy Feast of St. Benedict!

RomePerugia2008 275

The tomb of St. Benedict at Monte Cassino

RomePerugia2008 277

St. Benedict on the left, St. Scholastica, his sister, on the right

RomePerugia2008 268 RomePerugia2008 269 RomePerugia2008 270 RomePerugia2008 281 RomePerugia2008 283 RomePerugia2008 285 RomePerugia2008 288 RomePerugia2008 345

Scenes from Monte Cassino

2007_0101Roma20060292 2007_0101Roma20060293 2007_0101Roma20060294 2007_0101Roma20060301

The cell of St. Benedict in Rome



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