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Mary and God the Son

Ave Maria!

a). – Mary is first and foremost the Mother of God the Son. This already supposes the greatest intimacy, especially at the time of gestation and childhood. “During the months which separate the Annunciation from the Nativity, Jesus lives literally from the life of His Mother. The blood which flows in His veins, which makes His heart beat, which brings the increase to His little members, this blood has completely passed through the heart of His Mother; this is the purest blood of the Immaculate Virgin. And after having nourished Jesus, it returns to the heart of Mary, where enriched by new nutritive juices, it returns to Jesus. Is there not, in this uninterrupted exchange, in this vital commerce of every instant between the Creator and one of His creatures, a mystery of divine condescension and a mystery no less astonishing of human elevation? Could God do more to honor a creature, and could a creature do more to serve her God?”

b.) – Mary is also justly called the Spouse of the Word. On the one hand, her exquisite holiness and fullness of grace give her right to this title which all holy souls bear as well. On the other hand, because of her virginity, she can, like all virgins consecrated to God, be called the spouse of Christ. To these two reasons, which apply to everyone, but are applied above all to Mary, it is appropriate to add two others to them, particular to this good mother. The Incarnation being like a spiritual marriage between the Word and human nature, represented by Mary, it is the Virgin herself who consented to this union on the day of the Incarnation. It is therefore she who is the spouse of the Word. Finally, Mary deserves this title still because of her association, as the new Eve, to Christ, the new Adam, in the whole work of reparation.

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Mary and God the Father

Ave Maria!

I’m translating an excellent book on dogmatic Mariology. From time to time, I’ll post sections from it. Here’s the first:

a). – Through sanctifying grace Mary is the Daughter of the Father, an adoptive daughter certainly, not a daughter according to nature. But this adoption is so full and so perfect that it closely imitates real filiation. For grace was granted to Mary at the same time as nature at the first moment of conception, and she didn’t need, like other men, to be regenerated. Much more, as grace was due to Christ in fullness, because of His hypostatic union, thus grace was due to Mary in the same way for her divine Maternity, assuming, however her free election to this Maternity. This is why the Fathers often praise her as the beloved daughter, the unique daughter, the only daughter of God. This filiation, however, is related to God the Father only by virtue of an appropriation. In reality, it is referred to the three divine Persons. This is what inspired this song of Dante Alighieri: “Virgin Mother, daughter of thy own son.”

b). – Mary is associated with the Father in the generation of the same Son. The two generations, the eternal and the temporal, end in the same person. In the two generations, the Son is begotten of the substance of the One who generates Him, of the substance of the Father according to the divinity, of the substance of the mother, according to the humanity.

And as the generation of the Word is eternal, it occurs at every moment. And so, at the same moment in which the Virgin conceived Christ in His humanity, the Father also begot Him in His divinity. The generation from the Father, however, does not end in the Son according to the human nature. And the conception of Mary does not end in the Son according to the divine nature. That’s why these two acts remain entirely distinct. The one is always present. The other is past and was very brief.

c). – Because of this same association of the Father and the Virgin in the generation of the same Son, Mary is also sometimes called the Spouse of the Father. This expression is understood very well. But it is a delicate maneuvering, and it is better to refrain from it.

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Feast of the Birth of Mary

Today the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated.  Here are some photos from Jerusalem.  Enjoy!


The entrance to the birthplace of the Blessed Virgin.


The place of her holy birth.

Very near the place of her birth is the Proabtica pool.  “Now there is at Jerusalem a pond, called Probatica, which in Hebrew is named Bethsaida, having five porches” (Jn. 5:2).

IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0009

The Church of St. Anne is also nearby.  You have to pass it to get to the Probatica pond.  The acoustics in this church are amazing!

IMG IMG_0002 IMG_0001

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Latin inscriptions!

These are some of the magnificent Latin inscriptions on the Roman Patriarchal Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore.

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Santa Maria Maggiore

Santa Maria Maggiore

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St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe (2/17)

“We will show the greatest love towards the Immaculate when we share our love for Her with others.”

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St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe (1/27)

“It is important to Satan to divert souls from their unity with the Immaculate.  So doing, he knows that the individual soul will exclude the mediation of the Immaculate from its life, and so offer the Lord gifts that are filled with imperfections, more worthy of punishment than of reward.  And what is worst of all, these gifts are afflicted by the disease of pridefulness, for they testify that one does not need the Mother of God.”

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St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe (1/19)

“Have no doubt that Her will is entirely united to God’s will. It is a matter, then, of uniting our will to Hers, and thus we will be united to God through Her.”

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