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St. Maximilian Kolbe

Today is the Feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe. Here is an image from the church of Sant’Andrea della Valle in Rome where he was ordained priest.


And here’s an image from the Roman church Sant’Andrea della Fratte where he offered his first Mass on the altar where Our Lady appeared to and converted Alphonse Ratisbonne.


St. Maximilian gave some excellent advice in reading about Our Lady: “When you start reading something on the Immaculate, do not forget that at that moment you come into contact with a living being, who loves you, who is pure, without stain. She will reveal herself to you through the phrases that you read and will convey to you thoughts, convictions, feelings that the author himself could not possibly even imagine.”

“We should put into practice what we have read. It is sufficient to dedicate five minutes daily to the reading, but be resolute, and do not omit these five minutes any day. This will be an assurance of advancement in perfection. It will likewise be a healthful nourishment for our souls, because it will serve to give us wings in our flight to the summits of our desired holiness, and a closer union with the Immaculata.”

Here are some excellent Marian Resources you’ll love.


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“Mary and the Christian Family”

If you want to know the secrets to a happier or better marriage (and every marriage can improve), then you would do well to read Fr. Emil Neubert’s “Mary and the Christian Family”. This is the ONLY book which discusses the main cause of marital problems, and shows you how to overcome it. That’s not an exaggeration, and you’ll discover why when you click here.


St. Maximilian Kolbe and Ven. Frank Duff, Founder of the Legion of Mary, were so impressed with Fr. Neubert’s works that they both struck up friendships with him, and worked tirelessly to promote the sale of his books. If your marriage hasn’t turned out the way you wanted or isn’t going where you want it to go fast enough, and you’re ready to transform it, then see for yourself by clicking here.

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St. Maximilian Kolbe (2/27)

“There is not one single heroic act that we are unable to accomplish with the help of the Immaculate.”

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St. Maximilian Kolbe (2/26)

“God permits that you go through a sense of being disheartened, filled with doubts and lonesomeness.  But this is always for His glory and that of His Immaculate Mother.  However, if you trust not in yourself in anything, placing instead all your confidence in our Immaculate Mother, you will always triumph, even though all of hell, the flesh, and the devil assailed you.”

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St. Maximilian Kolbe (2/25)

“When at times I am tempted to worry, I immediately say to myself: ‘Silly one, why do you worry?  Is this your work?  If all belongs to the Immaculate, will she not attend to it?  Then let Her lead you!'”

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St. Maximilian Kolbe (2/24)

“Let’s permit ourselves to be guided by the Immaculate Mother wherever and however she wills it.  And thus, by our faithful and conscientious service, we can contribute in winning over all souls for Her.”

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St. Maximilian Kolbe (2/23)

“Let us have no confidence in ourselves, but also let us not place any bound to our confidence in Her.  In every difficulty and temptation, let us have recourse to Her, and we will assuredly not fall.  Let us entrust to Her every undertaking, and we will surely attain whatever She wants.”

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